On mountain mornings the wood smokes curls round and round

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Puttin' on the Dog

I have been doing a lot of digi scrapping lately what with my new digi class starting.. This is a hobby that I have recently started. In late August I bought my new camera a Nikon D40. It is da bomb as my son used to say when he was a teenager. I love it and am getting good at point and shoot and auto settings. Am also taking a class at http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/. It is on photography, using manual settings and we get a new lesson every Monday for 12 weeks. It is a free class and so far it has been really good and is doable.

In September I purchased Photoshop Elements 5 and messed around with it alittle doing some digi pages on my own using a set of video lessons I bought from http://www.scrapgirls.com/. They were pretty hard for me as so much of it assumed that I knew anything about the Photoshop program; LOL I knew viturally nothing. Then I discoved Jessica!!! http://www.jessicasprague.com/. I am now in my seond class with her and I grow by leaps and bounds so am posting some of my new layouts here. So without further ado I present my artist side.
Now I will post the very first layout I did just by the seat of my pants. Well, ya gotta start somewhere right?
Have a good one!!


Angela2932 said...

You did it!!!!! A cool little weather pixie! And now, I'm stealing your sunrise/sunset widget! Just think of all the things you're going to be able to do, now that you get the paste thing down!!! your blog looks great!

Kari said...

Looks like you are having so much fun in your class!! Will you be joining us for DID in March? I can hardly wait!! Your LOs look fantastic :) Keep up all of your hard work. Love your pictures of the snow ... funny to think I live only a few hours from you and haven't seen a flake of snow since I moved here a few years ago!!

Countrygirl66 said...

Wow your blog is fabulous Ann. You are a busy lady. I have had a Nikon D70 for about three years and just love it. It certainly is Da Bomb.
Enjoy your day out.


Heather said...

Hey Ann, your skills have really blossomed. Now you will need to change your user name to:



Jackie said...

these are great Ann...love the snow day one...specially how you clipped the ribbon on ....very nic