On mountain mornings the wood smokes curls round and round

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Sometime after I went to bed last night and before I got up this morning my whole house and the ground it sits on had risen 2000'. It must have because it was snowing and the forecast was for rain below 9000'. I grabbed the paper and took a look at the forecast; yep said heavy rain but that paper went to press sometime in the middle of the night, so I went to my trusted weather sites on my computer and sure enough rain was still forecast. One went so far as to say that it was raining right then. I ran back to the window and had another look...yep was snowing and I was feeling more and more like Alice going down the rabbit hole.

Then I got to thinking about weather forecasts. When I was teaching I always welcomed the forecasts that called for heavy snow after midnight....heck I liked a snow day as much as the kids. Well, these seldom panned out and if it snowed just a little we would go on our 2 hour delay schedule which was kinda like winning the silver medal instead of the gold. It seemed the forecasts that were the most promising were the ones that called for little or no accumulation.... then we could count on a foot of snow. Oh well, we all know that the weather bureau is a non-prophet organization.

My friend Angela lives where the sun never shines ( I always wondered what that expression meant....now I know it means where Angela lives). If the temperature gets to above zero there then spring has sprung! You should visit her neck of the woods in cyberspace MyPixelatedOasis.blogspot.com She posted this wonderful scrapbook page today(Winter Essentials) at our playground at Jessica's place (http://www.jessicasprague.com/) She does wonderful digi scrapping and I admire her work.
Speaking of digi scrapping I need to finish the going away album for my friend James although I'm not sure he deserves it after he deserted me and my computer woes. Maybe he thought if he left I would be forced to solve my own problems. Well they are not solved and I have one thought I'd like my computer to hear loud and clear.....THE ORIGINAL POINT AND CLICK INTERFACE WAS A SMITH & WESSON.

Just a closing thought for today. When blondes have more fun do they know it? :)

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Angela2932 said...

Ann, you have such a way with words! Your post has me laughing! But seriously, we DO have sun that shines here! It's just not a very hot sun here. I'm hoping for sun dogs, which I haven't seen all year. It seems to be when it gets so cold that ice crystals freeze in the air, and you see like circles of rainbows near the sun. It hasn't been cold enough for THAT this year! Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog, and I see that you are getting much more savvy about your way around the old computer these days!