On mountain mornings the wood smokes curls round and round

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Some of This and Some of That

Hey how ya been? It's been a few days since I've been here. Now I know that everyone is entitled to my opinion everyday but somedays I just can't make it...life gets in the way. I have been busy but can't really pinpoint exactly what has kept me away. Just been scattered I guess. Now that I'm retired having a list of things to do with more than three items on it puts me in a tailspin.

Here is what I've been doing:

  • went to my eldest grandson's birthday party dinner, he turned 10

  • went to see the movie, "The Bucket List", it was pretty good.

  • went out to dinner at a new restaurant, Bella Donna, it was real good but $$$

  • made all the arrangements for my sorority Valentine's luncheon at Olive Garden

  • went out to lunch with hubby

  • did the 30 minute challenge for my digi scrapbook class, will post it below

Plus all the usual ends and outs of just living. Whew! just makes me tired listing it.

It is snowing again. Supposed to get up to 16 inches by noon tomorrow. Looks like it might make it.

Here is the scrapbook page I made for my 30 minute challenge. We had to take the pictures and edit them. Then had 30 minutes from that point to post the page to the gallery. The theme was, "This makes Me Happy".

Thought you'd like to know:

The world's oldest piece of chewing gum is 9000 years old.

Have a good one.!


SusanD said...

I love this LO!

Heather said...

This LO is fun and playful!

I got your email earlier. Amanda will love that you wrote back to her. ;) The picture of the cold drink just cracked me up. I think she thinks all of Arizona looks like the Grand Canyon. Which I am in love with, BTW. I will have to go visit you! Then we can really have some coffee together.

Jackie said...

Very nice..I love my computers also ;) Love the font that you used for you title and journaling