On mountain mornings the wood smokes curls round and round

Sunday, February 8, 2009

If Only.......

If only things had gone differently in that superbowl game the Cards would have won....well duh!

If only is a strange expression. We all have if only(s) in our lives. We tend to take them as negatives, but they could be positives too....like, "If only I hadn't flown the day before, I would have been on that flight...". You get the point.

I think things in our lives happen for a reason. Will we always know the reasons? Well...no!

It's snowing again for what reason, I don't know..seems like we've had enough. I went to a very nice Valentine's luncheon with my lady friends yesterday. If only our Valentine princess hadn't fallen and hurt herself the day before she would have been there too, to get all the good presents we brought her.

I try not to think of If Onlys these days. I just like to enjoy each day as it comes and try to see the good in it. I am taking an afterschool class to get hours to renew my teaching certificate. It is held at the high school. On the wall was a big sign that some kids had made it said, " Make each day your masterpiece". How great is that? huh? I will use that as a digi scrapbook page quote one of these days soon. If only I hadn't gone to that class I would never have seen that sign.

When George W left office he said something like this, " While the days can be long, the years are short." I like this too and will think of it as I put off things I want to do. It will be a reminder that someday I will run out of time to do them. Don't want to reach the pearly gates and have to say..."If only".

If only I wasn't so philosophical today I could have written a blog with more humor. Oh well.....

Here is just a little somthing to think about as you go about your long day and short year. If only you'll remember it!

Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.

Have a good one!