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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nerdy Little Secret

I love bingo! I play in town at the Elks Club and the American Legion Hall. Sometimes my daughter will go with me, very occasionally my hubby will go and he always seems to win the big prize. Does he share it with me? Heck no. Most of the time it's just me.

I have found a great place to play online it is http://www.pogo.com/ I play in a league called Bingocrazy www.myleague.com/bingocrazy . Bingocrazy is just a blast. I play with Wendy and Vital and Smokie and Brks. Under is there and LaStonz and budgie. There is cherries and Loopy and doughgirl and nnny and many, many more cyber friends. I once won the Tournament of Champions and I did my happy dance all over my family room.

They love me there. I play under the name pinewoodtoo and everybody calls me Piney. Piney always brings cyber snacks like spam and pate of okra. She shops at the swap meet and finds lots of good snacks for all of her bingo friends. The caller in Bingo is named Dottie and we hate her! Sometimes Brks has to take a club and whack her upside the head good.

Today in my digi scrapbook class we had to make a page about our nerdy little secret. I chose bingo! We had 30 minutes from start to finish to post the page on the gallery. My hubby took my picture playing at Fortune Bingo at Pogo. I downloaded it, edited it and made my page using images from Pogo bingo. I will post it here.
This page was so much fun to make and I dedicate it to all my cyber friends at Bingocrazy. Piney loves ya.
I will leave you with this interesting fact for today.
There is a "caller of the year competition" in which bingo callers compete for a two week holiday.
Hey maybe Dottie can win that and leave us in peace for two weeks. I know all of us at Bingocrazy will be pulling for her.
Have a good one.


Jackie said...

Oh Ann this is too cute...love your nerdy little secret..and the 30 min challenges..they were always the hardest for me as i was never happy with the first result :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Piney!

I loved your blog, it was soooo great! Thank you so much for the great words and telling it like it is regarding Dottie!!! Ugh!

You're the greatest mf!


LivE said...

Ann, this is soooo cute!!! Love your nerdy little secret; isn't this the most fun part of the NWR playtime? LOL! Guess what else you can have fun with... I tagged you! (LOL!) Come over to my blog to read about it! :D

Angela2932 said...

This is so cute! I love this layout! Somehow I missed the Nerdy Secret assignment and willhave to go back and do it!