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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V'Day

It's Valentine's Day. My hubby gave me the funniest card. Outside said, "The Man Who Could Clean" He left her with spotless upholstery...and dirty thoughts. by Anita Maid. With a sleezy picture on the front too. Inside, "Hope your Valentine's Day reads like a trashy romance novel."

My husband delights in picking out cards for people. They look forward to seeing his next selection. He also gave our daughter THE box of chocolate covered cherries. This is a running gag that has been going on for about 15 years. When she was younger she gave him chocolate covered cherries for Christmas. He didn't tell her for the longest time that he didn't like them. Then a few years after she found out she gave him some again as a gag gift. He saved them and then surprized her with them at the next occasion. Well the chocolate covered cherries war was on. It's been some years now since the box has been passed and he passed it back to her this year in a beautifully wrapped package. He gives her a gift every year so she won't have a clue that the cherries are in it this year.

We are going to babysit for our son's two little boys tonight so that son and wife can have a nice date night. It will be fun for us too.

It is really snowing again. Supposed to last through tomorrow. We have sure had a more typical winter this year. We are leaving tomorrow for Phoenix and will return on Sunday. Hubby is going down for the big sprint car race at Manzanita Speedway. Three of his brothers (he has 5), his Uncle Bob and his Dad are all going to the race together. His Mom, Aunt Marilyn and I will just stay home and see what mischief we can get into. Am looking forward to going, but not to driving in the snow. For 40 miles the roads will be snowpacked until we drop down off the Mongellon Rim. Then it's smooth sailing. The inlaws live between Surprize and Wickenberg in the high dessert. They built a beautiful retirement home there on 10 acres. We go down on I-17 to New River and then across to Lake Pleasant Road and then cut through the dessert on a dirt (unmarked) road. We miss all the heavy traffic congestion of Phoenix this way.

Well, there is my boring life for a few days. I made this scrapbook page about my love for my slippers and Valentine's Day seems like a good time to post it on my blog.

I made this page for a class assignment to write a love letter to something besides a person. The journaling reads: "Dear Fuzzy Wuzzy Warmers, I love you! After a long day you caress me. You wrap your warm goodness around me. You always know just what I want, just what I need. You are the best and you ask nothing in return. For that I love you and want you. My love always, Until you wear out!

Here is an interesting fact for Valentine's Day. Your heart beats over 100,000 times day!

Have a good one.


Cheri said...

The card sounds hysterical!

Drive safe in the snow...I'll be thinking of you. Hope you have a great time in Phoenix:)

Dawn said...

Sounds like you had a great day yesterday!!Snow...we have had too much up here in the north east....

Angela2932 said...

Ann, this is a great layout! I hope your drive back was safe, boring and uneventful! Your husband sounds like he has a great sense of humor, and I'm beginning to think everyone in the world has a brother (or brother in law) named "Bob!"

Heather said...

Hi Ann, your hubby hit gold with that card! That is hilarious.

Glad you're back at your computer - been missing ya!

Cheri said...

Ann, I have tagged you! If you choose to play along, check out my post today over at my blog:)

Jackie said...

I love Chocolate covered cherries :)