On mountain mornings the wood smokes curls round and round

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I would like to be able to tell you that in the past year I...

Successfully lost 20 pounds.

Ran a marathon.

Grew three inches.

Caught up on all my back scrapbooking pages.

Kept my house neat as a pin.

Traveled to a foreign land.

Developed an addiction for salad.

Instead, I have to tell you that in the past year I...

Am still working on the weight issue.

Have kept up with my water aerobics.

Downloaded more than my fair share of digital scrapbook supplies.

Failed to simplify my life.

Traveled to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Am still addicted to “Survivor”.

Have become lazy about using the telephone.

However, in the past year I also...

Met amazing women on line at my scrapbook forums and classes.

Have gone on a few great trips.

Have been doing things I enjoy.

Have fallen hopelessly in love with my Kindle.

Have re-discovered the examples of historical heroes.

Discovered that my own voice is best when I am speaking for myself.

Have a group of friends that I can do fun things with.

Managed to keep my hair at my favorite length.

Became faithful in my journaling.

Have Learned to send text messages.

Have learned to trust that my children really are grown-ups.

Have learned that my favorite time of day is right before bed when
the day is finally winding down.

In the next year, I am hoping to...

Continue my journey to rediscover the basics in life.

Be even more alert to the needs of others.

Spend more time simplifying my life.

Make progress in being worthy of the trust others put in me.

Continue to develop my relationship with friends and family.

Wear the jeans that I've had tucked away in my closet for years.

Write once a day.

Accept myself, forgive myself, and get back up whenever I fall down.

Have a good one

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Mii2GuYz said...

I Think you should focus on the good of last year =) ... you like to scrapbook also?! I am trying to learn to "digital" scrapbook now