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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What a wonderful project

On Saturday last I went to a 12 hour crop held in a local resort hotel. We got great goodie bags, 3 meals, limo rides to the local scrapbook store, cocktails, hors d'ourvers and great raffle prizes. But, that was not the great thing about this day. The great thing was the fantastic project that this benefit crop supported. Jack's Little Brother project sponsored by Northland Hospice was founded to support parents who have lost babies. At the moment they are raising money to build a memorial children's park. I am so impressed with this project. There were about 30 attendees at this first annual event. I am making it my mission to get many more people there next year. It will be held each year on the Saturday following President's Day here in Flagstaff, Arizona, perhaps at the Little America Hotel again.

Have a good one. No funny remark to close with today. I am still too wrapped up in the JLB Project.

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Marilyn said...

This sounds wonderful. I have seen you a lot on JS and just realized you lived if Flagstaff and had a blog. I live in Payson and might be interested in attending this event next year. Thanks, I will follow your blog. Marilyn