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Sunday, March 16, 2008

This and That the Sequel

I've had a cold this week and I hate that. Was hoping to get through the winter without the "mother of all colds" this year but no such luck. We have had some really nice days this week up into the 60s but now it is snowing again. Flagstaff gets more snow in March than any other month but we forget that every year as we are so ready for spring. We get snow in April too and as memory serves me there is usually snow on the ground at Easter whenever it is.

I have added two bloggy friends to my list over there---------->. I am sure you will like their blogs they are very interesting. Scrappy Guy saw a book on the bookstore shelf called, "Before Anne of Green Gables" and is appalled to think that they have messed with a classic. If you've read it let him know how it was. Veevs is so funny. You will love her and she does amazing scrappages (actually, they both do). So go and visit them and tell them that Piney sent you and I will win a prize. (No, not really my fingers just got away from me).

I am making a digi wedding album from the snap shots taken at the rehersal and reception for my nail tech. I have known her since she was a high school student and I am having much fun with it. Here are the first two pages. Think I'll try to get twenty outta it, although that might be optimistic.
The top is Heidi and her Dad and the bottom is Melissa. Heidi and Melissa are business partners and have known each other like just forever.

I answered a call for CTs (CT=Creative Team) from Scrap Shanty. Not holding my breath but will see. They will announce on April 4th. We had to send 5 layouts. Was hard to choose. I will put more in my gallery there just incase they do take a peek at it.

I read that today is National Feral Cat Day. Who knew? So I leave you with these two astonishing facts.

1. Cats' urine glows under a black light.
2. Cats can produce over one hundred vocal sounds, while dogs can only produce about ten.

Have a good one!


Angela2932 said...

Ann, good luck with your entry for the creative team call. I can't imagine them NOT taking you; you always do such quality, creative work. About the cat urine glowing. . . maybe we should all pack blacklights just in case. . .

Veevs said...

Hehehe Ann, you are so funny! Thanks for such a great write up on me!! Sorry to read you have a cold, hope you start feeling better! Love the cats quotes! Where can I buy a black light! Could have done with that a few years ago when BF's cat kept peeing in my flat!!! Would take me ages to find it and then realised he had peed in my cooker hob!! UGH!!

Veevs said...

Ohhh yes sorry forgot to say, your LOs are beautiful! I left you love on the MB!

Cheri said...

Yuk Veevs! You needed a blacklight for sure, lol:)

Ann, your layouts are truly beautiful, and I especially like that old friends quote.

Ljonezy said...

Wow I'm so proud of you that you applied for a ct! Your los are wonderful so I can't imagine they won't chose you for their team! I love reading the little tidbits you have on your blog each time I look at it. Makes me chuckle! Hope you are feeling better.