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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where have I been?

Good question. I just don't know. I have not really been doing anything so earth shaking to keep me from blogging. I just got out of the habit and time sure flew by. I have been scrapbooking. I have made some hybrid pages for the first time. I have done Episodes 1 and 2 at Jessica Sprague. Episode 2 I followed a tutorial to scan my 12 x 12 page in two parts and then stitch it together so I could post it. I also was able then to print it as a digital 8 x 8 for my daughter-in-law. Here it is:

I have made four others from episode 1 but I just took a picture of them and posted them that way. They do not post as well. Here are two of those:

They are fun to do and I like combining the two aspects of my scrapbooking.

No segue. I am going next week to Scottsdale, AZ and the famous Camelback Inn to stay for two night with 30 or so of my college sorority sisters from 43 years ago. My sorority sister Merrilee Bean Buchanan put this all together with other's help and now it is a reality. I am really so excited. I am going to be the official photography and archiver. My problem is this: In my mind they all still look 20 years old. I am going to walk into the room and say,"Who are all these old ladies? Where are all my friends?' LOL

I will blog and post about it.

I leave you with this food for thought:
The average person has 1,460 dreams a year! Dream big!

Have good one.


Angela2932 said...

Hi Ann! I wondered where you'd gone; good to see you blogging again. Looks like you've learned some good things in the hybrid class; I've been strongly captivated by photography and blogging, and have only done paper scrapbooking for awhile. Looks like you'll have a great time in Arizona! And Happy Earth Day back at you!

Anke said...

good to see you in the swing of things again Ann! I hear you about looking at your friends, that is so weird, everybody gets old but us, how does that happen? Love your pages, you are doing a great job!

Dawn said...

Yea.........my friend is back....great layouts..didn't take these classes..i am so into digi now...wish there were advance classes..see ya around!!

LivE said...

WOOOHOOO Ann! Your boy Scrapbook Alchemy page turned out fabulous! It's so great to see you back in the blogging world! At least you've been scrapping (I haven't done a single page since... last year, I think? ROFL). Looking forward to coming around more often! :) (((hugs)))