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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thought I was recovering!

Yes, I definitely thought I was a recovering digital scrapbooker....but no I'm still addicted! Was reading Jessica's new class offerings and I want to take about 4 of them. Yikes! I might even consider the new hybrid class. After taking Stories in Hand I found I missed getting my hands dirty, inky, gluey etc. As I now have the full blown version of Photoshop (CS3), the new digi techniques is a must. I could go on and on but why? Suffice to say that Jessica and her classes are the best! I have been taking Daily Essentials at Big Picture Scrapbook and while it is fun it just doesn't seem as personable.

This picture is of my two eldest grandsons. We took them to Baskin and Robbins one day after school. They are in th 5th grade and kindergarten. LOL they can never wait to get their belts off.

I will leave you with this wonderful thought. Feel free to use it often.

I am not a nag. I am a motivational speaker!

Have a good one.


Cheri said...

Ann, I always love your comments at the end of your blog post...but this one has to be my favorite, heehee! I'll be sure to spout that one the next time I'm accused of nagging.

Anke said...

I agree with cheri, those quotes are too cool!!! I haven't even started with the stories in hand stuff. I started cutting a paper and it got all crooked, so I gave up! I am seriously scissor challenged.